From April 29,1997 - January 12,2010.

A Tribute to probably the best squirrel dog I will ever own, but I did not get him the titles he really deserved because of a few misques I made of comp. hunts. I do not think I will ever own another dog that could out road hunt him. He is gone but definitely not forgotten here. 

Above is Abe & Skeeter his daughter in Fall of 2001. 

These are the 9 plaques he received in the ATFA in his early years. From 2- 10 and tied on several occasions for the last place awarded but was beaten by Circle points.

      Below is some of these hunts that I found pictures and make a copy.


Branch, Mich. 2000      Second Place  ATFA

Branch, Mich 1999    Fourth Place   ATFA 

Sprott, Ala. Nov. 1, 2003   Rally Hunt 7th Place 

 Spring Rally Hunt LBL 2000   Eight Place 

Gary Hill in the middle with Ranger is the one that put me in touch with Brad Johnson [right with Lola ]] to purchase Abraham. Those are fine men there.

Jacob Morrow and 10 sqs. we killed in 2001 one afternoon. He was my hunting buddy until he got married and never been again. 

 My son Joe with 16 sqs. we killed New Years Day 2000 with Abe.

 George Cauley and his dog Dan and Me and Abe on our first hunt ever to Michigan in Sept 1999. Our limit of 10 sqs.

 Solo hunt with Abe in Dec  2001 with my limit of 12 sqs.

 Oct 2001 solo hunt with Abe with limit of 12 with 3 fox sqs.

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