The above picture made of Bessie 3-4-13.

Bessie is a Riverun bred female. She came from Don Fondrens HorseCreek Kennel in Savannah, Tenn. Her Sire is Johnson's Charlie {no more information on him} and HorseCreek Dolly. Dolly=HorseCreek Spider X HorseCreek Queenie. Spider= HorseCreek Beaver X HorseCreek Honey. Queenie =Riverun J.D. XRiverun Jewell.   Her DOB is 6/15/04 and she has never been bred. I would like to have pups from her and Sambo but she never comes in heat. She is also a very hard hunter and tree dog.                                                                                                                                                                                       She won the first Comp. hunt she was in at a Gold City Squirrel Hunt in Dawsonville, Ga. on Jan. 15, 2011,  it was a NKC Hunt. 

Bessie placed 3rd in the   Gold City Squirrel Hunt Dawsonville, Ga  on Feb. 26, 2011, it was a NKC Hunt. She needs 30 more points or a 3rd place finish to be Squirrel Champion.

Glad to have her in my kennel.


After owning Bessie for 14 months she finally came in heat and I bred her to Sambo on April 4,2011. I do not know if she has had complications before or if she will take the breeding. We will find out in a few weeks.  Her pups should be due around June 6,2011. I am looking forward to this cross because both are hard hunting and hard treeing stay put dogs. 

 This is January 15,2011 at Dawsonville, Ga.

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