I was born and raised in Stone Mountain, Ga. I hunted up to the base of Stone Mountain before it ever was bought by the State of Ga. Started hunting with my dad about the age of 9 following in his footsteps as much as I could.We always had some kind of hunting dog running in the yard. I started hunting squirrel about the age of 13 with a .410 gage single barrel shot gun. All we ever done at night was possum hunt with a hound and I do not know what kind it was. Dad bought a Red tick male named Red  for possums and we went to try him the first night and  he ran something longer than what most possums run. Dad was so mad he was ready to kill him. He thought he had bought a trash dog for sure, but at the end of that track was a tree and we headed to him. We got to the tree and looked it over with our 2 cell flashight and kerosene lattern and finally spotted eyes way up. Dad shot and out fell a coon. We had never killed a coon before and it was a surprise to us. That was the beginning of coon hunting for us  and the end of possum hunting except when they treed on occasionally. I went into the Army at the age of 19 and  stayed in for 2 years and all I had on my mind was girls when I got out. I still coon  hunted alot with my younger brother and did alot of deer  hunting. I never owned a dog until 1991 and a friend of mine gave my  twin boys 2 UKC Redbone Hound Pups. We trained them and hunted them quite a bit. My son Joe liked hunting better than Josh and he seen a progam on TV of squirrel hunting with dogs and wanted one.   We bought one and gave it away {no good] and another and it was gun shy and it ran away and we could never find it. We were finally given Mr. George Cauley's number and got a good one and hunted him for 1 season and started the 2nd and someone stole him off the tree on Piedmont National Forest land from the side of a road that he had went deep on. The search was on again and I had met Gary Hill  of Killen, Ala. and I called him and he put me on Brad Johnson of Florence. Ala. and I went and tried Abraham out and bought him. Hunted him in a lot of Competition hunts and he did good, but I never could get a first place win for his championship. I quit competing with him in 2004 and he passed away on Jan.12,2010. He was Riverun Bred  and I leaned toward that breed because it had what I liked in a dog. I have a daughter of Abraham named Lucy that is 3 years old now and several  other Riverun  and Barger Stock of dogs.

    My dogs do not stay cooped in a kennel all the time. They are some in the yard loose, some in my 2 acres training facility or in the woods every week. I live in the country and so far my neighbors do not give me a hassel about them when they are aloose. I do not have a brood female in my kennel { for those of you that are thinking so}. All my females know how to tree a squirrel and pretty decent about it.  I like to train and fool with pups, sell a few, but give away more to young hunters getting into the sport.

Glad you stopped by my Web-site and hope you did not get bored with my long  profile of us.  


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